Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Quarter, Negative Time!! Film Scoring I Homework

The new quarter s underway and there hardly seems to be a moment to spare!

It looks like out SIbelius/Finale class over the summer is going to be extensively used in Synthestration, Film Scoring I, and Strings. As for the Film Scoring I homework, does anyone have an idea as to how many hit points we should cram in for the minute and 19 second clip?

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Renata said...

Hey Joe,
I put in only about 5 hit points for the Ping cue. Actually, I didn't really use Thom's cue sheet, since I had a clear idea of where the music should change, stop, start, etc.
(Some of them coincide somewhat, of course.)
I think to each his own for this homework.
Do you know how to hand it in? Are we to print out a cue sheet and bring it to class? Send an email?
Also, do we have a class syllabus? I can't seem to find it...