Thursday, October 23, 2008

Walker Chicken Scratch

This is so hard to read. Would I be correct in assuming the accidentals carry over from measure to measure even though they aren't notated? So hard to tell.


m0joe said...

From Stephanie:

Dear Fellow Students

I don't know about you but I can't read alot of the sketch score for our assignment. I am wondering if you could help me out with a few of the following and in return maybe I can help you if you need it in other areas of the piece.

I can't tell what the following words are

Bar one above the 16th notes - Sher?

Bar one on the bottom staff - 'Low Stabs'?

I am assuming we need to go through various tempo changes throughout the piece to make it hit the timings. 102 worked for me for the first part until 11:28 (or is that 11:24 or ?)

Bar 5 - 8

Stabs in bass cleff on the 4 staff down? Do we choose whatever instrument we want here?

Bar 19

What instrument plays the tremolo stabs?

Bar 21

I can't read the instrument name on the 6th staff line El ?

Bar 27

What are the (2) markings referring to wth all the chord symbols

Thanks for any clarification you can give...

Feel free to give a call if you like..

Mercedes said...

Hi! I've just answered Stephens mail with the things i understood. Think i did reply to everyone... if not let me know and i'll send it again.

Mercedes said...

By the way... i'm Maria. just noticed I posted as Mercedes. The thing is my name's Maria Mercedes, but no one calls me Maria. But as it is my first name, I appear like that in all the lists.
Just so that you know who i am....

Kcomposer said...

I'm totally calling Stephen 'Stephanie' from now on. :)

m0joe said...

Oops! Sorry Stephen!

Night Moves said...

Ha! Didn't even notice that ...

z'all good ...

thanks for the help in figurin' it out..