Saturday, August 30, 2008

Everyone's Next Quarter Schedule

Who's taking what???

From Renata:
"I just wanted to ask what classes everyone is taking next quarter.
Joe and I are taking Film Scoring 1, Synthestration and Writing for Strings (with Norman).
Aaron is taking Film Scoring one, and I believe the "how to" guide lectures, and I'm not sure about the third one. Sarah, are you taking any classes in September? Anyone else?


Renata said...

Could someone please confirm whether we have Finale class today or not? I imagine not, but just want to be sure...

aaron said...

No class today, all the extension buildings are closed. See you all tomorrow in Hollywood!

Renata said...

Hey everyone,

This is a Finale question:
On our first homework, does anyone remember how we changed voice 2 into layer 2? I don't remember how we made the voice 2 notes smaller, but I know it had something to do with layers... This aspect of Finale -- among others -- is unnecessarily complex, if you ask me. Note entry is quite fun, though.

aaron said...

Hi Renata,
To change voice 2 into layer 2:
Select All-->Plug-ins-->Note, Beam, and Rest Editing-->Voice 2 to Layer...

To resize notes in a particular layer:
Make sure layer 2 is active (alt+shift+2 on PC, I'm guessing Cmd+shift+2 for mac)-->Select All-->Document-->Show Active Layer Only-->Plug-ins-->Note, Beam, and Rest Editing-->Resize Noteheads

Renata said...

Thanks Aaron! That saved me a couple of hours, for sure.
See you on Saturday.