Saturday, August 9, 2008

This harpy is killing me

Is anyone finding luck with #2 on the Orchestration homework? I began with something like:
---|^-^^ (minus sign means natural)
but everything kind of goes to heck at the 4th chord. I don't know if I exactly feel right omitting a note to make it playable-it kind of seems like cheating. Speaking of cheating, I put this in Sibelius and the least amount of changes I could get 2a down to was 8. And that's with 2 on the same foot before the 3rd and 4th chords.

Does anyone have any suggestions of notes to omit to make this a little nicer? Are 2 moves on one foot forbidden or just not advised?


Renata said...

I understood that 2 foot changes are fine if on different sides of the harp. Try enharmonic spellings where you may arrange that. (I haven't gotten there with the homework so can't go further into it yet.)
About Labor Day weekend, I believe Steve talked about it in class early on. He had said we did have class, even if we didn't technically have it in the schedule. But by all means, let's check it out. I'll make sure I ask him during my private lesson this week.

m0joe said...

Ah, got it...8 changes, none on the same side at the same time. I'll be impressed to see how Norman got 6.