Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sibelius Week 4

Is the homework really as easy as it seems? Create SATB for Frere Jacques then copy and paste in the lyrics? I hope so because I just found out I can't save with my Sibelius and will have to re-do it before class on Monday.


Renata said...

I'm having a really hard time copying and pasting. There seems to be a bug, or something else is wrong. I tried with both text files on my mac, but Sibelius won't paste any words in! Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Joe, you had no problem with that. Did you just follow instructions? Anyone else had problems?

m0joe said...

Yeah, i had no problems copying and pasting the lyrics in. I have a mac too and used the .txt file. Make sure you have the text copied into your clipboard then click on the first notehead and press command +'L'. Then when you type command + 'V' to paste the first syllable should enter automatically. Then keep pressing the space bar to input the rest.