Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hello Fall Courses,

goodbye bank account.

Advanced Orchestration: $1,595
Film Scoring I: $1,595
Anatomy of a Film Score: $550



Renata said...

Joe, you're not taking Synthestration? Did you decide to take it in the Spring quarter instead?
I'll be taking Film Scoring 1, Synthestration and Writing for Strings (with Norman again).
Yes, a well-executed hole in the piggy...
Anyone else taking any of these?

m0joe said...

I think I am going to take Synthestration in place of Advanced Orchestration. That dent in my wallet will have to wait until Spring.

aaron said...

Right now I'm thinking Film Scoring I, Advanced Orchestration, and the Survival Guide lectures for the fall quarter. This whole program is like investing in a Vegas mountebank's drunken orangutan act--entertaining, sure, but whether it will pay dividends is anyone's guess. Wow that was one of my most over-thought jokes yet...posting anyways, too tired to second-guess