Saturday, July 5, 2008

Orchestration - Week 2 Homework

Are we to make up our bowing/ties/accents/and dynamics as we see fit for #4 and #5 in the workbook? It's not a very uh...musical piece of work (to my ear at least) so the accents and dynamics seem like they can pretty much go anywhere.

Also, Norman mentioned that we shouldn't score by hand (unless we have beautiful calligraphy) but does using Sibelius/Finale kind of defeat the purpose of transcribing from one clef to another?

See ya'll Monday,


Renata said...


Good points. Yes, I think we do have to add bowings, according to our own best impression of what they should be (probably best to stick with the obvious in this case).

He asked for the work to be done on the sheet this time, or on a photocopy of the sheet for those of us not wanting to write in our workbooks, so no Finale or Sibelius this time, if I rightly recall...

Do you really not think Norman talks like and reminds one of Robert de Niro (more specifically in "Analyse This")? I almost can't restrain myself from telling him that, but not sure he would like the comparison!

Aaron said...

Renata's right I think; he wants this one done by hand precisely to show that we understand the clefs and whatnot. I think the adding of the dynamics is, as you say, whatever we want or hear in our heads. Again, I suppose, to demonstrate some basic knowledge of how to notate such things.

I'm really not getting the De Niro vibe but I will attend more closely to it this week and see if I pick up anything.

m0joe said...

Cool, I'm glad we're all on the same page...except for the celeb look-alike issue. You're on your own there Renata.

Prokofievnotaur said...

this is min.

I still haven't received the workbook...

I think Renata is referring to his air, not looks per se.

btw. Mahler is my god and prokofiev is my second god.