Thursday, April 2, 2009

Synthestration this quarter

Can I just say: this Synthestration class this quarter is already rocking.
For anyone considering it, by all means join us.
For those who have taken Synthestration in its previous guise and were, shall we say, less than satisfied with certain aspects of it:
Fletcher Beasley is a very nice, knowledgeable and NOT JADED OUT OF HIS RIGHT MIND composer who has, in the very first lesson, already showed us screen pictures of his Logic arrange and mix windows, suggested several books, plugins, sounds, and possible ways to make our programs and computers run better, and laid out a very sensible syllabus that splits the orchestra so we focus on different instrument families each week or so to learn particulars of how to make them sound good.
Take this class again when/if you have a chance to. I can't absolutely guarantee it will be the best ever, but it sure seems it will be extremely useful, and possibly refreshing.

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