Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How to sync commercial cue

Hi Electronic Film Scoring classmates. Here is a how to guide to set up the 1st cue in Logic.

1st things 1st, make sure sample rate is set to 48K. Settings->Audio

To import cue:
Options-->Movie-->open movie

The audio track can just be drag n' dropped

The film has quite a bit of lead in information so it needs to be synced up (the audio is already appropriately synced).

Settings->Video->Video Project Settings
Set the Movie Start Time to the beginning of the time code on the cue (1:00:29:22)

Now, find the frame that you wish to start the cue at. (I chose 1:00:35:04).
Settings->Syncronization. Set "Plays at SMPTE" to this value.

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